Bishop Robert Baron takes us on a journey to discover our faith through the eyes of the Saints, Artists, Mystics and Scholars in Catholicism – The Pivotal Players.  This 13 week DVD and small group study will open your hearts as you are introduced to the lives of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Thomas Aquinas, Blessed John Henry Newman, St. Catherine of Sienna, evangelist G. K. Chesterton and artist Michelangelo! This study will begin with Lent and take you through Easter.  Please email Andy Walsh for our Thursday morning group at ajwalsh-1@comcast.net or Carrie Melka for our Thursday evening group at cmelka@aol.com If you are interested in hosting a group on a different day or time, please email Bridgit at bgoedeke@saintmarkfallston.org to get started!