THANK YOU to all who had a hand in making Winter Wonders the best ever!

It’s always dangerous to list people by name because of missing folks but here’s the best effort:  Doreen Hochlowski and her team,  Julie Tomko, Sally Hechter, Anita Cain and Mary Walton brought the magic of the North Pole to the White Hall with Gingerbread Houses, little gifts that children could purchase for their parents and relatives, Dana   Rowan, Sally Hechter and Anita Cain assembled the beautiful baskets for the Youth Room, Sue Maddox and Tom Roth ran the Tea Room with many helpers including Mena Cooper, Clare Heath, Jane Marks and Anna Schweiger kept us organized and ordered as they checked on the rooms and the receipts, Joyce Shipley worked all day on tallies and accounting.  Karen Briguglio was the face of Winter Wonders offering mulled cider and a smile to all who entered, Theresa Katula, Joe Brigandi, Dan and Eleanor DiPietro, Tom Carey, Kay Simmons, Pam Binco, Troy Conley, Tina Lanoca, Larry Holste worked in the kitchen and kept us fed, Jim Hunter was a fantastic MC once again, Jody Seling, Janine and Bernie Shaw who sold raffle tickets, as well as all of the Confirmation candidates who gave up their Saturday morning to bring the spirit of Christmas, and Charlotte Henderson moved from kitchen to Tea room to vendors to raffle keeping us in the spirit. Pat Perluke took the reservations for our vendors, Kathy and Ed Mohan sold our gift cards, Sheila and Rob Loynds directed our youth in putting up the festive lights. Sandy Belman, Joyce Becker and Barbara Graumann called for donations to the Tea Room, Ken Youngman helped to clean up, Tom Mackin and Bridgit Goedeke sold the tickets for food, and Maria Stoey kept the morale and energy of our youth up and running throughout the day!  If we’ve missed  anyone please still know of our deep thanks!!