Technology and Data Research Committee

Purpose of the Organization:
The committee comprises of two groups. The technology group addresses the challenges that the church faces as it relates to technology. A few task they manage includes the website, sound system at the church, and supporting office staff. The second portion of the committee includes the the development of reliable and accurate parish related data to share with other Pastoral Council committees and Parish groups. They are the liaison with and support the Pastor, Pastoral Staff, Pastoral Council, and all parish committees with collection, management, storage, access, analysis, and presentation of parish information to carry out their charters in support of the Parish Mission Statement. The Data and Research team provides services to the Pastor and Pastoral Council including the various committees.

Anita Cain

Committee Members:
Carlos Angelino
Jim Butz
Rita Cobian
Kelly Krafty
Connor Mohan
Mike Tedeschi
Joseph Wojciechowski