Family Home Study

Families with children in 1st through 5th grade have an option to participate in a Family Home Study style of catechesis.
This option for religious education is popular with families who have different demands on their schedules and promotes greater family involvement and discipline to share faith together outside of the experience of Mass. Many parents enjoy this style of faith sharing as it helps nurture their own faith.

A valuable part of all faith formation is the sense of community. Throughout the year, each family enrolled in this style of religious education, is expected to participate in 4 on site gatherings in addition to the orientation gathering. Parents will work together with their children through materials provided by the Office of Faith Formation at a schedule that is best for them. Families can choose two ways of sharing their children’s work. The first way is to turn in each of the Unit Reviews throughout the year with all Units completed by June 30th. The second way is to complete online Chapter Reviews that are emailed directly to the Coordinator of Faith Formation.

Every family enrolled in this option of Religious Education is expected to attend. Families must register for this option of religious ed using the 2016-2017 registration form.

Family Home Study Schedule 2016 – 2017

Alive In Christ Online Links to Chapter Reviews (Grades 1 through 5)

For those children in middle school who are unable to participate faithfully in the Sunday night EDge classes or the Summer Summit an individualize faith formation plan is created that resembles the home study option.  Grades 6, 7 and 8 are required to do the online Chapter Reviews.  Middle School Alive In Christ Online Links for Chapter Reviews