Did you know that St. Mark Parish and all the parishes in the Archdiocese of Baltimore are separate corporations under the laws of the State of Maryland?The purpose being:*Managing the affairs of the parish

  • Establishing specific legal accountability for those affairs
  • Fiduciary responsibility for managing the assets of the parish

By Maryland statute, each parish corporation has at least five directors (called ‘Corporators’).

  • The Archbishop (who serves as the President)
  • The Vicar Bishop (who serves as the Vice-President)
  • The Pastor (who serves as Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Two qualified lay persons who are members of the parish, nominated by the Pastor and approved by the Archbishop.

The Archdiocese requests that the Board of Corporators meet four times a year and that minutes be taken and filed with the Chancery. The Pastor and lay Corporators are trained in their roles and responsibilities at various workshops and meetings throughout the year.

Who are St. Mark’s Parish Corporators?

Norma Wagner has just completed 10 years of service as a St. Mark Corporator and is stepping down from this position. Our deepest thanks to Norma for 10 years of dedicated service to the parish. Her expertise in management and finances and her advice have been a tremendous asset.

Thank you, Norma!

Brian Kraemer has served as a Corporator since 2011 and was re-appointed as a Corporator for another five years in October of 2016. We are very grateful to Brian for accepting our request to continue to serve the parish. 

Beth Poggioli has accepted our invitation to serve as a Parish Corporator and will replace Norma Wagner. Welcome, Beth! We look forward to working with you.