Liturgy Corner Altar Server

A very important and necessary duty at the Liturgy of the Mass is performed by the Altar Server.  Altar Servers can be male or female, and they have the responsibility of assisting the celebrant/priest during Mass.  Altar Servers carry the cross and processional candles at the beginning of the service, they hold the  Missal for the priest when he reads the opening and closing prayers, present the bread, wine, and water during the presentation of the gifts.  They also wash the hands of the priest during Mass.  Pope Francis recently said, “..serving at the  altar is a privileged way to draw closer to Jesus, which in turn, enables you to open yourselves to others, journey together, and to find strength to achieve     demanding goals.”  Altar Servers at St. Mark take their ministry very seriously and carry out their duties in a respectful, reverent manner.  We should be proud of them all!