The Liturgical-Environment group of the Liturgy Committee is responsible for much of the “behind-the-scenes” work to assure a neat, clean and attractive worship space in the Church and Chapel.  Over the years this group has been known as the ‘Altar Society’ or  ‘Sanctuary Society’ and these titles are still used to designate some of our subgroups or functions.

We have about 20 parishioners who rotate the laundering of the altar linens and see to weekly finishing touches like dusting, straightening up, changing colors of altar cloths, etc., to match the liturgical season or feast day.  A few members are dedicated to special routine functions like watering and maintaining plants, laundering the altar server vestments and sewing needs.  Many additional parishioners volunteer to help us at Christmas and Easter to do more in-depth cleaning and decorating – usually 50 or more volunteers will be on hand to help with these special efforts.

Our group is always looking for more parishioners to help with the  routine tasks.  Please contact the office or call Sheila Hicks (410-879-2496) for more information or to join us in this all important work.