Harford Co. Tax Credit

To whom it may concern:

I was aware of the new law in Harford Co. regarding Senior Tax Credit for those over 65 & military retirees who have lived in their homes for 40 or more yrs., & and the house has an assessed value of $400,000 or less.  Credit will run for 5 yrs.  The credit is 20 per cent of the County Portion of the bill.

The credit is also good for retired U.S. Uniformed Services members (including Reserves) over 65, regardless of the number of years in your home.
I have just learned that you must apply for this credit by April 1, 2018 for the July 1, 2018 tax bill.  Also, you must reapply each year.

For more information and application, go online to:
If any questions, phone 410-638-3450—County Treasurer’s Office