Happy Easter!

This greeting is meant for everyone as we celebrate the rock of our faith. We have many fears in life—fear of failure in sports, in school, in our job.  We fear that we may disappoint those we love and we often fear that we will fail God.  But, if we really think about it, the greatest fear we have is the fear of death.  Nothing can conquer it.  Doctors, new treatments and awesome medicine can help us delay, but death for each of us is inevitable. That can be dark, depressing and gloomy.

So why am I writing about death in the Easter bulletin?  Because, for faithful people, Easter is the answer to death. Jesus rises and promises that we will too!  Is there any better news than this?! We can get a beautiful new car, we can find new ways to meditate and calm ourselves.  We can lose weight and buy new clothes and go on vacations.  We can spend countless hours driving to sporting events and playing, but in the end all of this will end.  Death is the ultimate defeat for human beings.

Easter says, the worst fear in the world is now conquered. Yes, we, too, have to go through suffering and doubt, but if we are disciples of the Lord death will not have the final say over us—Life has the final say in Jesus. So, as Spring breaks, flowers bloom, our lives brighten up a bit, we eat chocolate and eggs and bunnies, let’s remember this all symbolizes what we know to be true. Jesus is Lord of LIFE—if we are faithful, we will live in Him forever.