It’s Summertime both here and in Haiti!  Many of you probably think Haiti is hot and tropical all year long but some days and  especially evenings during their winter months can get downright chilly in Haiti!  But days of summer are about the same as here…many days of heat and humidity and no school!  The children spent the last week of school taking national exams that must be passed  before they can move on to the next grade.

The children of St. Joseph, LaLomas, are fortunate that the parish schools (there are 2 schools for over 2,000 children) start at a preschool level and go up through 9th grade.  After 9th grade, the youth must go to the nearest town, either San Michele (about an hour away) or Cap Haitian (about 2 hours away) to   attend high school or a trade school.  The families must pay for room and board along with tuition for their children to continue their education.  This is an extreme burden on most families.


If you are interested in more information about helping a youth from St. Joseph continue their education through high school or beyond, please contact Sheila Bateman at sbateman@saintmarkfallston.org.

Also, please watch the bulletin for information on how to “sponsor a classroom” throughout the year to help the children in our 2 parish schools have a healthy lunch so they can continue to learn and grow.