Get your 500 Club ticket now!

Only a few weekends left to get your 500 Club  tickets.  WE NEED YOUR PARTICIPATION for this significant St Mark Fundraiser.  If we sell out, the Church will get a decent fund to enable the support of our  youth ministry activities, maintenance to the grounds and buildings and other St Mark needs.

Remember, we are called to be disciples and spread Jesus’ mission.  If you don’t have the time or talent to help out, consider giving your treasure which is always appreciated!  So dig deep and buy a 500 Club ticket.   God knows all and will bless those that help spread His son’s message with this fundraiser.  Help us get to Know Jesus and Make Him Known!  Will you consider buying a ticket today?  You can stop by the         Welcome Center and get a ticket this weekend or check out our website ( and click on the 500 Club link to buy a ticket on line or follow this URL   Thank you!