From the Pastor’s Desk…with Seminarian Matt Himes (3/5/2017)

I heard a story recently about a man who fell into a hole while hiking. Looking up, he saw the hole that he fell through. The problem was, the man was stuck. After a while, a friend was passing by. The friend looked in the hole. Realizing that the man was stuck and could not get out, the friend jumped down into the hole with him. The man was distraught, but the friend was willing to walk with the man through the dark caves to get him out, to lead him to freedom. This friend is Jesus and this man is each of us.

It is wild to think that we have arrived at the season of Lent. During this season, we are called to get up and walk with Jesus through all moments of our life, including the dark valleys, to greater freedom in Christ. We do this through fasting, praying, and almsgiving.

Jesus is accompanying us in every moment of our life. But, oftentimes we face desert moments in our life, moments of desolation, disappointment and doubt. Just as the man doubted when he fell into the pit, we can doubt when we fall into our pit. But we know that Jesus suffered so that we would have life; Jesus calls us to be something more by simply getting up and walking, acknowledging and trusting his presence in our life. We are called today to give up control so as to live in true freedom with Him. How will we live out Lent this year?