From the Pastor’s Desk (With Seminarian Matt Himes) (01/29/2017)

Oftentimes I wonder: what does it mean to be holy? It seems that we are often tempted to only claim that those we perceive as “perfect Christians” or “perfect Catholics” are the holy ones.

God became man in Jesus Christ because of His great love for us; He came to sanctify humanity. Jesus proposes to us today a path to holiness in the Beatitudes. These collectively are the GPS we need to navigate through life; none of these claim perfection as a means to holiness.

Rather, Jesus proposes accepting our weaknesses, our story, and our humanity as a path to holiness.  Are we willing to look at the reality of our lives or are we constantly trying to avoid the reality due to the pain it might cause? Are we authentically living life, discovering God in the midst of the reality of our suffering and joy?

Today, we have the chance to reshape our attitude about life. The lack of sun outside might be getting us down, but we have forgotten to realize that the Son of God never stops shining. We have the chance today and every day to rediscover our calling to be a disciple of Jesus, not the perfect Christian.