From the Pastor’s Desk (8/6/2017)

Happy Feast of the Transfiguration! Today we remember that event in the Gospel when Jesus took Peter, James and John up the mountain and was transfigured before their eyes. What did they see that day?  The Gospel says He appeared in dazzlingly white cloths and that Elijah and Moses showed up to flank him on either side.  But something else happened. Their eyes and their hearts were opened up and changed.  People who have open heart surgery often comment on the psychological impact the surgery had on them as well as the physical impact and recovery.  A huge event like that changes us. 

As Jesus is revealed as the Divine Son of the Father, that should change us too.  As we prepare to move from Summer to Fall what will we change in our lives to make Jesus more present in us, in our homes, our work, our families and our conversations?  Is there something that needs to be transformed, transfigured in us?  This event was so powerful that Jesus was worried the three disciples may talk about it and people would misinterpret, even to the point of acclaiming him an earthly king, so He tells them not to say anything to anyone…until the Resurrection. Maybe He knew that they wouldn’t completely understand it either right after the event but had to let it soak in.  We are people living after the Resurrection.  Some people have had transfiguration events or conversion experiences in their lives and need to recapture the energy.  Others have not.  If not let’s pray for it. It will change your life!

Fr. Jerry Francik