From the Pastor’s Desk (8/28/2016)

This weekend’s readings are all about humility. But humility is greatly misunderstood.  Many people think that if they are humble they should allow other people to walk on them.  Humility is not being a “Christian doormat!”  Humility is knowing who you are.  That means acknowledging our talents, gifts, likes and dislikes and then using them for the good.  If we cover up our talents and gifts in a sense of false humility then the world never benefits from our talents and gifts.  If we brag about who we are or what we can do then we turn off people who might otherwise listen to us and follow our good example. No, true humility is not being more than we are or trying to be someone else—true humility is knowing, in the sight of God, who we really are as His sons and daughters.

This directly impacts our parish. We know how much we benefit when our talented and beautifully gifted parishioners step forward in their baptismal call to be active and participating members of this community. We grow and prosper and come alive!  Take time this week to examine if you are haughty or, on the other hand, if you have been too bashful about your abilities and gifts. The world is waiting—and so is the parish of St. Mark!