From the Pastor’s Desk (7/14/2017)

A recent parish bulletin had the following note in it:
“Why didn’t I learn what they teach in RCIA?  A good friend of mine is converting to Catholicism.  She’s learning things that I, a cradle Catholic, never knew.  Why wasn’t I taught these things?  I’m embarrassed that a convert knows more than I do.  The pastor responded, ‘Catholics received most of their religious education as children.  Even at the high school level, teachers are not able to explore religious topics with the same breadth and depth that occurs during the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process.  The Bible, for instance, is taught to children as stories, but adult faith requires us to read and understand Scripture as more than a story.  Adults learn differently from children; adults ask different questions.  The facts and contents remain the same, but it’s not possible for your early religious education to have the same content and depth as that of an adult who is converting to Catholicism.’”

Learning about our faith is a life-long process, but, sadly, many people stop learning at Confirmation.  Our catechists have precious little time to communicate the faith effectively in less than one hour 20 times a year.  That’s why something like the Summer Summit for Middle School is wonderful because it gives a more concentrated time for young people to learn. That is also why we offer so many faith education opportunities here at St. Mark. Please take us up on the offerings as we enter the Fall months. If you have stopped learning about your faith you are stagnant. Stir the water again and enroll in RCIA, Bible Study, Faith Formation or some other way to learn about Jesus and the Church.