From the Pastor’s Desk (6/11/17)

We celebrate one of the dogmas of our faith this weekend, the Most Holy Trinity.  While many people would have a difficult time explaining the Trinity, it is a fundamental of our faith.  We should not take it for granted for, indeed, some faiths, like the Unitarians and the Mormons, do not profess belief in the Holy Trinity as essential to their core religion.  While volumes have been written to help us understand the Trinity one aspect that we can focus on this weekend is relationship. God is all about relationship —Father,  Son and Holy Spirit and He shares that relationship with us. This was beautifully portrayed most recently in a movie called The Shack.  While not everything about that movie would jive with Catholic Theology, it gave a fantastic understanding and experience of the relationship that exists between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  This love and unity is a model for our relationships with  God and with one another.  This week, work on your understanding of your relationship with God and with one another in honor of the Most Holy Trinity.


Incense will be used at all Masses next weekend (June 17/18) Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi).