From the Pastor’s Desk (5/14/2017)

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we hear the words of Jesus, “whoever has seen me has seen the Father.”  Jesus came to show us the Father.  The disciples don’t seem to get it, particularly Thomas and Philip. Thomas isn’t sure where Jesus is going, and Philip wants Jesus to show him the Father. Yet Jesus has been with them all of this time showing them the true face of God and demonstrating for them their vocation—Service.

That’s what we experience in the First Reading as well.  The Twelve realize that some of their number were being neglected, not because of laziness nor lack of effort, but simply because the number of disciples was growing so rapidly!  So, out of a sense of service, they ordain the first deacons of our Church to serve.  When we serve, we show Jesus, Himself, present in our world.  Isn’t that what good mothers, grandmothers, godmothers and adoptive mothers do?  They serve, and so often in unseen and unappreciated ways.  Thank your mother, or anyone who has acted as a mother to you in service, this Mother’s Day. Thank them for being the face of Jesus!