From the Pastor’s Desk (10/23/2016)

Jesus has contrasted earthly wisdom and decisions, with God’s wisdom and decisions over the last few weeks. Today, in the Gospel, he, once again, contrasts a judge who is not concerned about God nor human beings, who, nevertheless, gives way because of a persistent widow. Exasperated and worn out, he finally renders a judgment for the woman. Jesus says, in a coy and subtle kind of way, if a judge like this will finally respond to a widow, don’t you think God your Loving Father will respond to you even more quickly? Persistence seems to be the theme. Moses gives us the example of being persistent and defeating our enemies, using his friends to assist him in holding up his hands. Paul encourages Timothy to be “faithful to what you have learned and believed.” The gospel emphasizes persistence in prayer.

When we get exasperated, when we get tired, when we feel like there is nothing but bad news and scandal all around us, as we are experiencing now, Jesus, the Son of God, urges us to be persistent, especially in prayer. Pray for our community of St. Mark, pray for our state, and pray, especially, for our country.