From the Pastor’s Desk (4/30/2017)

Isn’t it strange that two people, disciples, who knew Jesus well during His lifetime, did not recognize Him as He joined them on their way home to Emmaus?  They are not the only ones who do not recognize the Resurrected Christ. Mary Magdalene, one of His closest associates and whom some call the First Apostle because she was the first witness to the Resurrection, thinks Jesus is the gardener until He calls her by name. Would we have recognized Jesus if He came to walk with us on the way home?

The fact is—He does!  He walks with us daily in the many events of our lives, in the people we meet, our families and friends and even in the undesirable!  Yet how often we fail to see Him.  This Summer we will have the opportunity to host “homeless Jesus,” a statue of Jesus lying on a bench looking like a homeless person.  This modern artist tries to awaken our senses to see Jesus in surprising places.  Watch the bulletin for details on this sculpture’s visit.

Today at the Eucharist, many of us will gather for Mass but be so distracted by concerns, worries or what is happening the rest of the day or the week, that we will fail to see Him.  As we hear the story of the road to Emmaus this weekend, let us open our eyes, our