From the Pastor’s Desk (4/16/2017)

The tomb is empty! While we visit the graves of those we love, bringing flowers, perhaps sprinkling them with holy water, and saying prayers, we do so because we want to honor the place where the earthly remains of the person are interred. In contrast, there is nothing in Jesus’ tomb. We can still visit there. In fact, just recently, they uncovered the tomb for the first time in many years, to take care of and restore it. But, once again, there is nothing there. The tomb is empty.

This is the foundation of our faith. Our belief is that Jesus entered fully into the human condition, including suffering, rejection, and death, very painful death. But that God raised him from the dead. And our faith tells us that if we follow this Risen One, through suffering, trials, betrayals, we, too, will follow him in rising from the dead. That is the best news ever.  Rejoice!
Happy Easter!