From the Pastor’s Desk (4/16/2018

A Scripture scholar commented that the Scriptures do not explain the Resurrection—the Resurrection explains the Scriptures.  That is what we experience this weekend in the Scripture readings.  Peter reminds people, in the Acts of the Apostles, that all of the prophets predicted Jesus coming as the Messiah. But the people did not know nor recognize Him and put the “author of life” to death.  He tells them, however, that they can now repent and believe in the Christ, whom they were told would suffer, and that their sins would be wiped away.  Jesus, Himself, in the Gospel of Luke, appears once again to the disciples gathered in fear. After He calms their nerves and eats something in front of them to prove that it is truly Him, He then explains that Moses and the psalms and the Prophets all wrote about Him.


It really is revealing and quite world changing to read the Old Testament in light of the Jesus event.  If Jesus did not come or suffer or die, the Old Testament would appear as a very different book. We would still be waiting for fulfillment, for the new hearts replacing our stony hearts, for water that cleanses and refreshes and for manna from heaven.  We now have all these in Jesus and His Resurrection. Too many people take this for granted. Don’t be one of them!