From the Pastor’s Desk (3/19/2017)

Where have you found God in surprising places recently? The Israelites were grumbling against God in the desert. They had experienced God’s saving power in Egypt when he led them forth from slavery to freedom. But now they felt God’s absence in the desert. They are tired, worn and weary.  They believe they were better off in slavery and think that God has left them. But God appears to them in the desert, in the midst of their grumbling, giving them living water.

In the same way, the Samaritan woman at the well never expected to meet God in a Jewish man. She believed this person would be hostile to her. Yet, here she experiences the presence of the living God and goes on to be a great evangelist to many towns.

If you have not experienced God in surprising places recently, be prepared. If we open our eyes and our ears this Lent, we might just be given living water.