From the Pastor’s Desk (3/25/2018)

Do you know when the Priest washes peoples’ feet at Mass?
What is the only day of the Year that we do not celebrate Mass?
None of the Sacraments can be celebrated on this day except Anointing of the Sick and Viaticum in the case of an emergency—do you know what day of the week this is?

These days all occur this coming week—a very special and sacred week we call HOLY.  I ask these questions because so many people come to Holy Thursday for the first time and marvel at the beauty of the Mass with the foot washing, the procession and adoration, all in the evening. They’ve lived their whole life as Catholics and never knew the Liturgy of Holy Thursday includes all of that beautiful ceremony and meaning.

Others call to ask when we will have “Mass” on Good Friday.  Well,  Mass is never celebrated on Good Friday!  It is a day of profound sadness and grief, all with the hope, of course, that this is not the end.  So we distribute Holy Communion that was consecrated the night before on Holy Thursday and was reserved for this day.

Holy Saturday is a unique day, in that, none of the Sacraments are allowed to be celebrated as Christ waits in the tomb to be raised by the Father.  That kind of sacramental “fasting” ends in the night when we begin the Great Vigil where we light the Easter fire, bless the Paschal candle that will be used at baptisms and funerals, welcome new members into the church through baptism, confirmation and eucharist and hear the Gospel proclaiming the Resurrection for the first time.  Join us and experience the beauty of God!