From the Pastor’s Desk (2/11/2018)

Lent begins this week! I know it feels like we have just ended Christmas but Lent begins this year on Wednesday, February 14.  Our theme for this Lent, based on the Scriptures, is Be Holy!  We often picture holiness as something unachievable for the ordinary person.  But holiness is our first call in vocation according to the documents of the Second Vatican Council.  This council     reminded us that all of us, by our baptism, are called to be holy.  After that we discern our vocation based on our likes/dislikes, our talents and our abilities and what we sense God is calling us to.  The opportunity and call to holiness, then, is for all of us.


We can recognize this call this Lent in a variety of ways. Pray the Stations of the Cross on Friday afternoon or Friday evening and bring your children. Have they ever even been to Stations of the Cross?  Help with the Food Pantry by collecting food or assisting with distribution of Easter baskets in time for the holiday.  Pray the rosary. Sign up for adoration which is available during Lent after the 9 Am Mass on Thursdays, through the day and night for 24 hours until Friday morning’s 9 Am Mass.  Buy a bag of rice for Haiti .   Right there you have five (5) weeks worth of being holy!  In all of these ways God wants to raise us up to a more profound knowledge of His love and care.  Be Holy!