From the Pastor’s Desk (12/10/2017)

Thank you to all who supported Winter Wonders in any way—donations, volunteers, workers, Confirmation Candidates, people who came and bought from our vendors and many, many others. This was the greatest Winter Wonders ever and I especially want to thank Charlotte Henderson, our Pastoral Associate, who puts in countless hours to make sure this all works in an unbelievable way!

As we enter the Second Week of Advent we’re probably already preparing in a big way for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Many people have already asked, “Do I have to go to Mass two times on the weekend of December 23/24?”  The short answer is YES.  But the question is wrong.  The wording should be, “Am I PRIVILEGED enough to be able to go to Mass on the weekend of December 23/24 to celebrate the 4th week of Advent and then to be ABLE to go again on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.”  Mass is an obligation but a privilege. What better way to get ready for Christmas and to celebrate it than by being with God’s Word in the Scriptures and receiving Him in the Eucharist. Of all the things we do for Christmas TWO HOURS of prayer is not asking a lot. Make your life more peaceful by going to Mass twice in three days—Saturday 12/23, Sunday 12/24 or Monday12/25.  We will all be better off for it! (Note we are cancelling the 11 AM Mass on Sunday, Dec 24 to prepare for the 4 PM Evening Mass that day!!)