From the Pastor’s Desk (12/03/2017)

Happy Advent!  This weekend we begin a new church year but, probably more important than that, a time of longing for the coming of Christ.  This coming is twofold:  to yearn for him to return again and gather all into His kingdom, and to remember his First coming in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago.  This is a time of waiting and we find waiting very difficult.  Whether it is waiting in the line at Walmart or Macy’s or the grocery store, waiting in traffic or children waiting for Santa Claus to come at Christmas, we are impatient people.  Advent teaches us to wait in a good and healthy way–To purify our lives of what we really do not need, to reorganize our priorities and to enter into deeper prayer so that we know ourselves and God better.  Please don’t jump to Christmas! As wonderful as the season is with its parties and lights and music and enchantment, Advent has a great power of its own if we allow ourselves to really enter into it.  We have four weeks to wait, to pray, to practice patience.  Light the Advent wreath nightly with your family and ask how Jesus’ coming this year will make a difference.  Don’t lose this opportunity!

Masses for the Immaculate Conception Feast Day
Friday, December 8th
6:30 am Fr. Foley
9:00 am Fr. Jerry
7:00 pm Fr. Jerry