From the Pastor’s Desk (1/18/2017)

On January 20, we inaugurated a new president. Consequently, some are hopeful, some are despondent, some are fearful, and some are delighted. This Sunday’s second reading reminds us that even when our citizens are fiercely divided, Christ is not. All of us who are baptized are united in Christ. Those of us who are Christians (and all people of good will) must remember that Christ is the great unifier! Strife and division come from the Evil One. We may disagree among ourselves, but we may not hate, name call, gloat, or lie. Living a life in Christ crosses political alliances and binds us to those who are poor, sick, unborn, prisoners, elderly, oppressed, abused, and all marginalized people. We may disagree on political solutions, but our discourse must be true, loving, prayerful, and Christ-like. It must be grounded in our belief that every life—Republican or Democrat, Christian or Muslim, conservative or liberal, rich or poor, white or black—is precious to God and is made in God’s image.

Christ is not divided, and all who are baptized in Christ should pray for the grace to live this reality each and every day.”

Be united in Christ, civil to one another and pray for our country and world, that this is a new beginning.