From the Pastor’s Desk (11/12/2017)

As we approach the end of the Church year which is the Feast of Christ the King, November 26, the readings begin to get more urgent and sometimes scary.  They urge us to act today and not to delay.  This weekend they assure us that the wise will enter the Kingdom of God. In the Gospel Jesus speaks of 10 people—five wise virgins and 5 foolish.  The wise know enough to plan ahead and bring adequate oil so that they may be ready for their master, whenever he comes.  It is a recommendation to us to live our life each day in the light of the Gospel. We all think we will live for a long time but we never know when we will appear before the judgment seat of Christ. I’m sure those poor people in that church in Texas never imagined they would be killed while they prayed.  So make each day count.

Wisdom is presented as a person in the First Reading. In fact she is presented as feminine.  Aren’t there so many wise women who have helped us in our lives—our mothers, grandmothers, Nuns and Sisters, wives? Many times women are the ones who pass on the faith and pray for us. Sometimes we men need to see things from another perspective!  Thank some wise woman this week who has helped you to appreciate the gift of faith, acknowledge God and use your gifts to the best of your ability.  Be wise and do for God, today, what you intend to do.