From the Pastor’s Desk (11/26/2017)

This weekend Jesus presents the famous “Last Judgment” Scene in the Gospel of Matthew.  He says he will appear on his glorious throne and separate us based on what we did or did not do. If you notice, the works to be done are not huge nor would we see them as extraordinary—giving food to someone to eat or a cup of cold water to someone who is thirsty.  Yet, Jesus says, this is how we will be judged. It’s all about putting our faith into action but also having the attitude of desiring to find Christ in others.  If we live in love and awareness of other people, then we will just naturally perform the works of the Kingdom. But if we are stressed and focus in on ourselves we will miss Jesus in our midst.

Next weekend begins the beautiful season of Advent.  It is beautiful in its quiet, its waiting and the Scripture readings that remind us what kind of world God envisions for us. But we destroy the Season of Advent when we do not celebrate it, preferring to jump ahead to Christmas.  Or we get so caught up in the “to do” list for Christmas that Advent becomes a burden rather than a blessing.  Prepare for Advent NOW.  Decide what you will do to keep the season rather than speeding ahead to Christmas.