From the Pastor’s Desk (1/14/2018)

The holidays are now behind us and we enter into the Second Week of Ordinary Time.  Are you changed?  Christmas and Epiphany are two wonderful Feasts that announce the salvation of the world and the light overcoming the darkness.  But as we trudge through the cold, dark days of January and our New Year’s resolutions are now two weeks old, have we really changed anything?  If not, then the celebrations of the Feasts were just that — parties with no purpose.

Samuel did not recognize the voice of the Lord in his life when God first called. But God was persistent and, on the third try, with the help of Eli, Samuel heard the Lord and responded.  In the same way the first Apostles are called today in the Gospel reading.  Andrew and Peter are fascinated by Jesus and follow Him who calls them to deepen their way of life.  In actuality, they leave everything today to be one of His disciples.  God is calling us, even in the midst of the cold winter, to be one of His own.  Rekindle the magic and the spark of the Christmas season not long past to reawaken a new energy and commitment to the Lord.

Fr. Jerry Francik