We heard the Christmas story again as we celebrated the birth of our savior Jesus Christ. On this Feast of the Epiphany, the  journey continues with the revelation of God incarnate to the world through the wise men -Now it’s time to read the rest of the story! The  Dynamic Catholic book of the month is the New Testament (RSV-CE) containing, among other things, the four Gospels telling of Christ’s life.  As we make our New Year’s resolutions, maybe we can add a simple one this year to read just one of the Gospels sometime this winter.  And to read it not in a hurry, but as you would read one of those Christmas letters telling all about friends and family.  Because Jesus should be our friend and part of our family.  Take advantage of this opportunity with either your own Bible or one of the New Testament Bibles provided free by Dynamic Catholic.  For other great Catholic books for a great price, go to
DynamicCatholic.com and select “Free     Resources”.  For further information, contact Paul Melka at pgmelka32@aol.com.