AA in now meeting at St. Mark Church/ Hearing assistance

AA is now meeting at St. Mark!  Please feel free to join us on Saturday mornings at 7:30 AM in the White Hall.

Hearing Assistance—We contacted a Hearing Assistance company to      research the possibility of installing a new hearing aid device in the church.  We needed information as well as cost.  The company took a very long time to finally get back to us but determined that we would need to cut the carpet under the chairs in order to install the wires that transmit directly to hearing aids.  We asked our carpet installers if it were possible to cut the carpet and re-install it without damaging the rug.  They, and the Hearing company both recommended that we wait until we install new carpet!  Since our carpet is relatively new we are now exploring Blue Tooth options with other hearing companies.  I know that many people expressed great excitement when I announced the possibility of this hearing assistance. I just wanted to keep you up-to-date and let you know we have not dragged our feet nor forgotten about this need.  We are waiting for the other companies to get back to us.  Pray that we can find a great resolution to help our parishioners!!!