From the Pastor’s Desk (5/28/2017)

Today we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord.  The Feast was moved several years ago from Thursday to Sunday so that more Catholics would be able to celebrate.  The awesome experience of Jesus leaving places the responsibility for the mission and the vision with us.  Jesus could have done it all.  He healed people, preached the Good News, even raised some people from the dead but the curious part is that He began the Kingdom but did not complete it in His earthly lifetime. He left the work to us.  Why?

We all know that when people are involved in a project or a mission they are more invested.  We see that in our children—if they can be involved in something they are usually more interested and motivated. Many companies seek out their employees’ opinions, participation and feedback because they know, the more intimately they are involved in the company and its policies, the more loyal and invested they will be.  Perhaps that is part of the reason Jesus left the Kingdom building for us.  We could become complacent and even lackadaisical.  Even with the responsibility some have become complacent and lackadaisical!  So, as Jesus leaves today, take up the mission!  Don’t be like the apostles in Acts of the Apostles standing around and looking up to the clouds.  Get to work with the mission of Jesus!

Next weekend, please wear red in celebration of Pentecost.