500 Club Thank you!

Once again, the 500 CLUB was a huge success!

We sold 456 tickets and netted $9,750 for St. Marks!

A special thanks to our super sellers: Beverly Zimnoch; Fred Fickert; Helen Iardella and Buzz Crist; Anita Cain; Joe Kreis; Tony Lamancusa; Tom LaHatte; Norma Miller; George Hechter; Jim Cross; Kathy Kraemer; Kathy Lopez; Rob Gangler; Jeff Allen; Bill Horchar; Adam Carson; Julie Tomko; Connor Mohan; and Geniene Shaw.

We could not have done it without all of you. God bless you all!

And Congratulations to our winners, Frank Giachini, Darlene Matranga, Amanda Kraemer, Sarah Loeschke, Kathy Grutkowski, Eric Korpela and Christopher Emmett.